Every CollegePass student has received a minimum of 3 admission offers in 2023.Success stories

About CollegePass

CollegePass is a global college preparation platform helping high schoolers apply to their dream colleges worldwide! CollegePass provides personalized support in every aspect of the journey to their dream college — from university selection strategy, test prep, and personal statement/essay support to extracurricular strategy and interview practice.

CollegePass's tutors and admission advisors are the best globally, being students at, or graduates from, UPenn, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, and more. CollegePass's admission advisors are trained to leverage CollegePass Case Method and research conducted by the Global Research Team.
We believe world-class admissions advising and test preparation delivered in a personalized way using technology & research is the key to making a personal college coach a reality for every high schooler.