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Nina Karra
May 26, 2024

College Pass - Tutoring

I had a good experience with the tutoring program of College Pass. I found them responsive, helpful and cooperative. They were prompt in their replies to my queries and monitored the program closely as it was being taught. The tutor was experienced and took great care in explaining concepts, giving practice papers and providing detailed feedback on mistakes so that the necessary improvements could be made.

Ramesh Yendluri
April 21, 2024

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the guidance and support college pass team provided to my son throughout his college application process.

I would like to thank Ms Bhushnin for her thorough understanding of the college admissions landscape and insights into various universities, their programs, and their requirements were invaluable in helping my son make informed decisions about where to apply. Your personalized approach to understand my son's strengths, interests, and aspirations, you were able to offer tailored advice that ultimately led to successful applications.

I have no doubt that your guidance will continue to positively impact the lives of many students in their pursuit of higher education.

Thank you once again for all that you do.

Kushal Jayakumar
June 14, 2022

The process of applying to college was confusing to me. Sadly, my school counselors were of no help to me, and my parents meant well but weren't experts. This left me feeling overwhelmed and worried that I wouldn't stand out. The entire process of getting started was complicated for me, but CollegePass guided me step by step. My counselors made the process so much easier and helped me submit an application that I would not have been able to do on my own. They assisted me in choosing schools that would maximize my chances of acceptance. My timelines were also planned out by them and they stayed on top of me to get things done. We worked through several drafts of my Common App personal statement until it felt like it represented me. Each application I submitted presented me in the best possible light. CollegePass opened the doors to so many opportunities for me. They are the most qualified tutors and mentors, and CollegePass had the information I needed. It was amazing how they became so involved; they give you such peace of mind.

James Crasto
September 24, 2023

I’m delighted to write a few thankful words for CollegePass to help my son get admission into the most preferred college of his liking. CollegePass is undoubtedly the best college admission consultant in the business, with a team of experienced & professional counsellors who guide candidates & parents through every step of the admission process. They helped a lot to choose the right course, write a compelling personal statement, and apply to the best colleges in the UK in the chosen field. My son getting offers from all the applied colleges in UCAS itself speaks of their professionalism. And a big shout-out to Ms. Bushnin, who patiently accommodated all the changes my teenage son subsequently requested midway. I had almost given up, but she was pretty dedicated to make all necessary revisions and made the whole process stress-free for us. I highly recommend CollegePass to anyone who wants to pursue higher education in India or abroad – they ensure you get into your dream college!

Kabir Hinduja
June 4, 2022

CollegePass had a markable impact on every aspect of my application, from my SATs to my essays and extra-curriculars. Above all what I loved most about my experience with CollegePass was that instead of pressuring me into creating this Unrepresentative picture of myself on my application (which I believe is a common fear) they helped me find ways to push myself in the fields I was passionate about, and by the end of the process I was able to look at my application and was able to proudly say it was the best representation of who I was, my passions, achievements, character and ambitions.

Aryan Krishna Neeli
January 31, 2023

Helped me through every step of the way and sought to solve all my questions and concerns. Got into my Dream School thanks to them!
Special Thanks to Bushnin for all her guidance, support and quick responses!

Nivedha Chandramouli
June 9, 2022

Choosing CollegePass as my counselor for getting me through the college application process was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Balancing school work and going through the rigorous application process, would’ve been extremely difficult without guidance. The weekly meetings with Aakash And Jahnavi, where we were working on a schedule with timelines helped me stay focused on smaller defined goals to be accomplished without getting overwhelmed with the whole process. The tools that were provided to me to shortlist colleges and classify them as reach and safety helped me to prioritize and narrow down a list of universities that would be the best fit for me. I am so thankful to Aakash and Jahnavi for all their support in guiding me to get admissions into my top choice of college, University Of Wisconsin, Madison as a direct admit into the business school. It was very comforting to know that help was a phone call away.

Sheeja C
June 4, 2022

It’s been a great journey with CollegePass for my older daughter who is now at UC Berkeley... there were unknowns , so many unexpected(s) which we do /did not anticipate or do /did not have the bandwidth or knowledge/experience to handle or work around... As much as the child was doing and giving her best was on the top of things there is always some space that needs support beyond school acads achievements and parenting... , CollegePass was a more than personified entity that held hands and walked us through, with support in every possible way for the child and parents.. CollegePass does more than guide, they also show students & make them believe that they can do much more.It doesn't stop there,… they see the student through and make it happen ! Thank you CollegePass... look forward to continuing this journey with my younger one… thank you always..

Dhruwan S Shah
June 15, 2022

Collegepass efficaciously aids in a high-school student's admission experience by shedding a ray of insight into university selection and offering unwavering support for all its academic components.

Rutwik Nanal
June 15, 2022

COLLEGEPASS turned out to be a major game changer in my US admissions process- it was basically a huge help in covering everything right from my extracurriculars to my essay. I started out as attending their SAT lectures, further attending their one-on-one lectures as to improve the score. The staff were extremely helpful and provided necessary insights at every milestone of the journey. CollegePass certainly helped me in everything, right from providing me the mandatory essay reminders(which I used to procrastinate a lot) to deadlines and important dates to remember. I was contacted a lot by various US admission counsellors, but CollegePass, by instinct, was different. I had not expected high levels of reminders and completions- along with a little bit of motivation to complete everything. Thus, this institution really helped me overcome any hurdle presented in my way and score good colleges with enough scholarships based on merit. Thank you.

Ray Das
June 22, 2022

CollegePass has helped me at every step of my application process. From suggesting in expanding my extracurriculars to constructive advice on my personal statement, their support has helped me in improving the quality of my application a lot. It was an amazing experience working with them.

Loulit Legesse
November 5, 2023

I am so lucky to have found CollegePass. I had many difficulties editing my graduate school admission essays and needed much help. CollegePass has a ten essays package, but I only had two papers to work on. I found that the ten essays package was too expensive for me. CollegePass agreed to take on my two essays at a discounted price. When I sent them my papers, I added notes on what I was most worried about in my writing, and they took that into account. I need to submit my application very quickly, and they sent me both essays corrected within 6 hours (as I had asked for). I feel that I have gone through the most challenging parts of editing my papers thanks to them, including shortening them significantly without losing any meaning. I am incredibly grateful to CollegePass, Aakash, and his team for being very responsive, taking on my essays, and doing an incredible job editing them.

Aparna Jha
May 28, 2022

I'd like to thank the CollegePass team, particularly Ms. Bushnin and Ms. Shaurya, for assisting my son Arnav Jha in constructing his profile. Their advice and encouragement were quite beneficial. My son will apply to many elite universities for the fall 2023 session. Collegepass assists with the essay writing process and also gives thorough information on how to prepare for internships, research, and international contests. Unless they recommend it, these insights are not available to parents. Thank you once more for your prompt assistance and direction. Regards, Aparna Jha

Megha Puskur
August 16, 2022

The team was very helpful and always available to answer any questions or give advice. I was very happy with the help I received with essay editing as well as planning extracurriculars, college lists and applications.

June 9, 2022

My experience with the college pass team has been a very positive one as I felt their constant support and guidance from day one and I believe this has helped me get into my dream college.

Hima Bollineni
November 18, 2022

Bushnin was very helpful and courteous with the college SOP, essays and application process. She was very prompt with her responses and helping my son with end to end in his US college applications. Thanks you, Bushnin for the help and support given to us during this engagement.

Rinka Banerjee
June 10, 2022

As a parent it was very comforting to work with a counselor and the team who were very accessible, and made a plan that kept the child's goals in their mind. The approach was holistic and personalised and not just advising on which colleges. A special thanks to his counselor who was reachable at all times, mentored our son and motivated him at down times and to the team for the support he recieved during his essay writing and sat prep. Highly recommend them to parents and children who are looking for a personalised approach in this journey.

Sreekruthi Sallaram
November 10, 2022

Wonderful service provided, the advisors were with me throughout the process, from providing the information on countries, colleges and even down to the program, even the editor who helped with the SOP gave her insights and helped give the amazing output i got. Overall the advisors and editors are extremely knowledgeable and professional and understand the time sensitivity factor, would recommend to anyone who requires assistance from scratch.